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11. Microsoft’s Pete Bernard Explains AI, IoT, And Edge

If you’ve been listening to our show recently, or if you’ve been around any tech talk, you’ve probably heard AI, IoT, and even Edge thrown around. But what does it all actually mean? How do they all connect and what exactly are they doing...

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10. 5G and The Potential Threats To Cybersecurity In The U.S. with Peter Thermos

You may have seen recently in that news that China has been accused of building ‘backdoors’ into their technology that would allow spying and hacking on many mobile devices. This news and the fears that followed are what led to the United States'...

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9. Roadmap To The Future: The Convergence Of Telecom And Transportation with Bob Fifer

Have you ever been stuck behind a huge road foreclosure with no warning? All of a sudden your trip has been delayed and even worse, no cell service…instantly your mind gets flooded with thoughts about your loved ones wondering where you are, trying...

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