66. Season 4 Finale

5G Guys Season 4 Finale: Highlights, Insights, and Future Trends

Join Wayne Smith and Dan McVaugh in the season 4 finale of the 5G Guys podcast as they recap the highlights and key insights from this season. They discuss notable guests, emerging trends in 5G and wireless technology, the impact of satellite networks like Starlink, regulatory issues such as net neutrality, and the latest business and finance trends in the telecom industry. Tune in to hear their predictions for the future, including the impact of AI, energy demands, and advancements in the wireless ecosystem. Stay informed and get ready for what’s next in the world of 5G!


Links Referenced in the Show


     BEAD Funding Status   https://www.internetforall.gov/

    Ep 64 – 5G Connectivity from Space w/ Skylo’s Tarun Gupta ➡︎

Ep 63 – Net Neutrality 101 w/ Nathan Leamer ➡︎

Ep 65 – Dan’s Stories and Predictions on Net Neutrality ➡︎

Ep 57 – First Responder Communications In Schools ➡︎

Ep 53 – Fixed Wireless Access w/ Samsung’s TJ Mann ➡︎

Ep 54 – Wireless Location Services with Samuel Van de Velde ➡︎

Ep 62 – Intel’s CTO Steve Orrin ➡︎

Ep 55 – CES Highlights with analyst Jim Patterson ➡︎

Ep 61 – Q1 Telco Earnings with analyst Jim Patterson ➡︎

Ep 59 – Saving Telco from Itself with Pete Bernard ➡︎

Ep 58 – The Business of Building Cell Sites with Hugh Odom ➡︎


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Episode Minute-by-Minute

00:00 Preview

00:58 5G Guys Podcast Introduction

01:19 Meet the Hosts: Dan and Wayne

01:38 Season Recap: Highlights and Guests

02:28 Private Networks and Satellite Connectivity

03:46 Net Neutrality and Regulations

04:06 Jim Patterson’s Insights and Industry News

04:44 First Responder Networks

05:20 Advanced Positioning and Location Services

05:44 Fixed Wireless Access with Samsung

06:40 Season 4 Theme One – Wireless Technology Ecosystem

08:55 Season 4 Theme Two – The Business & Finance of Wireless Telecom

11:35 Verizon’s Rebranding and Industry Changes

13:11 Carrier Spending and Vendor Impact

15:49 Supply Chain Issues and Future Outlook

16:48 Data Centers and Hyperscalers

23:24 Future Topics and Predictions

24:45 Energy Demands and Smart Grids

30:13 Season Wrap-Up and Farewell

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