64. 5G From Space with Skylo’s Tarun Gupta

Revolutionizing Connectivity: Skylo Technologies and Satellite-Enhanced Cellular Networks


In this episode of the 5G Guys, hosts Dan McVaugh and Wayne Smith dive into the topic of satellite-augmented cellular services. Joined by Tarun Gupta, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Skylo Technologies, they discuss how existing satellite licensed spectrum is used to enhance cellular connectivity. The conversation explores the technical details, regulatory challenges, and potential applications of Skylo’s NTN (Non-Terrestrial Network) service, which connects existing devices to satellite infrastructure. Key comparisons are made with solutions offered by companies like Apple, AST SpaceMobile, and Starlink. Gupta also shares insights on IoT, narrowband services, and the future of combined satellite and terrestrial networks.




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Episode Minute-by-Minute

00:00 Preview

00:59 Introduction and Newsletter Reminder

01:22 Introducing Satellite Cell Service

01:38 Guest Introduction: Tarun Gupta from Skylo Technologies

02:15 Skylo Technologies: Company Overview

02:32 Connecting Devices to Satellite

04:40 Comparing Skylo with Other Satellite Services

11:02 The Role of IoT in Satellite Connectivity

13:30 Narrowband vs. Broadband Services

14:41 Future of Satellite and Terrestrial Networks

17:46 Voice Services and Safety Applications

20:58 Skylo’s Unique Approach and Roaming Partnerships

28:32 Private Networks and Enterprise Solutions

30:28 Predictions for the Future of Satellite Networks

32:42 Conclusion and How to Connect with Skylo

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