Month: January 2024

CES Review 2024: The Future of Technology Unveiled

ES has always been a significant event for tech enthusiasts and industry professionals. This annual trade show in Las Vegas has been the breeding ground for groundbreaking technological innovations and a platform for companies to unveil their latest and greatest products. With Wayne Smith and Dan McCormick as your hosts, the 5G Guys podcast brings you firsthand accounts of the CES experience along with expert insights from industry veteran Jim Patterson.

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Exploring the Power of 5G and Location-Based Services

Exploring the Power of 5G and Location-Based Services   Introduction: Welcome back to another episode of the 5G Guys! In this episode, we are exploring the power of 5G and location-based services.  To help us navigate this topic, we have invited Samuel Van de Velde, an electrical engineer and founder of Pozyx, to share his…

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