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30. Technology Convergence with Paul Stager of EdgeQ

Remember when you were a kid, and you tied two cups together with a string and used it as a phone? Or maybe you remember the first time you...

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29. The Incredible World of Aviation: Expert Vance Hilderman Talks 5G Interference

Welcome to another episode of The 5G Guys! Dan here again, on the last two shows I have been flying solo as my co-host Wayne continues to travel the...

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28. MVNO: Mobile Virtual Network Operators 101 – How Boost, Metro, and Other Alternative Carriers Work

Listen to this episode to get the skinny on what an MVNO is and what that means to you. We think it’s safe to say that Americans love their...

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27. In-flight Cellular with Fred Teichman of GoGo Wireless

Back in the day, air travel looked a lot different than it does today. People would dress to the nines, the isles were wider and the seating was roomier,...

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26. How Cellular Carriers Make Money

It’s safe to say that the smartphone revolution has grown past a trend and moved into a modern necessity. A survey done in 2014 stated that 47% of adults...

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25. Wi-Fi 101: With Dr. Jim Lansford

It’s in our houses, connected to our phones, and our tablets. Sometimes it’s even in our cars, thermostats, and fridges, but does anyone really know how Wi-Fi works? Welcome...

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