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15. Is Big Brother Watching? The Truth About Tracking and Data Laws In 2021

Are the government or big tech spying on us through our cell phones?  This is a theme that might sound like a conspiracy theory, but there's some technical legitimacy...

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14. Who Really Has The Best Service? A Look Into The Top Cell Networks

Choosing which cellular service provider to hitch your wagon to can seem like a daunting guessing game. Many of us have had the same network provider for years, but...

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13. What You Need To Know About Private Wireless Networks

Whether you’re a business owner, educator, or even just a person who is connected to the world there is no doubt that wireless technology has become a necessity. Dubbed...

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12. Cell Sites, 5G, and Radiation: What You Need To Know

Disclaimer: This episode of 5G Guys was recorded with the sole purpose to educate and inform. The opinions and thoughts are not licensed, doctors and nothing in the show...

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11. Microsoft’s Pete Bernard Explains AI, IoT, And Edge

If you’ve been listening to our show recently, or if you’ve been around any tech talk, you’ve probably heard AI, IoT, and even Edge thrown around. But what does...

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10. 5G and The Potential Threats To Cybersecurity In The U.S. with Peter Thermos

You may have seen recently in that news that China has been accused of building ‘backdoors’ into their technology that would allow spying and hacking on many mobile devices....

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