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22. FLASHPOD: Updates on the 5G standoff between AT&T/Verizon and US aviation industry

 We've been getting a ton of outreach asking for our take on the standoff between AT&T/Verizon and US aviation and federal regulating groups as it relates to the launch...

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21. Part 2: Our Predictions For 2022 and Other Topics to Watch Out For

Welcome back for another episode of the 5G Guys! If you’ve listened to us before you’ve heard us state that “wireless is the fourth utility”, and with 2021 coming...

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20. Part 1: Our Predictions For 2022 and Other Topics to Watch Out For

For a lot of us, 2021 was a reset period for our lives. Whether it was learning how to work remotely, helping the kids with remote school, or even...

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19. What We’ve Learned: A Review Of Our Year

Technology is important because it creates the future. We’re able to be a part of the “next” and create things that don’t exist.  - MC Hammer Welcome back to...

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18. How Wireless Communication Helps First Responders Save More Lives with Chris Kuhl

Wireless is an important tool for First Responders to do their jobs and do so safely and efficiently Police, Fire, EMS, and other first responders rely on radio networks...

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17. FLASHPOD: Why 5G Has Been Delayed – The FAA’s Warning to Verizon and AT&T

Imagine this, you’re getting ready for a big event you are hosting and you have done everything you can do to make sure the party goes perfect. You got...

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