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60. Storytelling and Predictions – Premier, Wireless Economy

Navigating the Waves of Telecom: From CapEx Booms to Strategic Spending   The 5G Guys podcast hosts, Dan McVaugh and Wayne Smith, introduce a new series titled 'Storytelling and...

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59. Saving Telco from Itself with Peter Bernard

This episode of the 5G Guys podcast tackles the existential challenges facing the telecommunications industry, emphasizing how sometimes, telcos are their own biggest adversaries due to their inherently conservative...

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58. Building Cell Sites Can Be a Win-Win

In this episode of 'The 5G Guys' podcast, hosts Dan and Wayne discuss the ins-and-outs of cell tower leases with guest Hugh Odom, the founder of Vertical Consultants.

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57 – First Responder Communications in Schools: Are You and Your Community Covered?

🔸 Shocking coverage gaps 🔹 Common pitfalls 🔸 Unexpected impacts , and more...

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56. Exploring Private Wireless Networks with Jeff Hipchen

Exploring private wireless networks with guest Jeff Hipchen. We discuss how private wireless networks are utilized and give examples

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55. Exploring CES Highlights, AI, and 5G with Jim Patterson

In this episode of 5G Guys, hosts Wayne Smith and Dan McVaugh are joined by guest Jim Patterson, a veteran in the telecom industry with 30 years of experience....

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