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54 – What Do Tomatoes, Forklifts, and Cows Have In Common?

5G and Advanced Positioning Technologies: Revolutionizing Location-based Services   The podcast episode features Samuel Van de Velde, founder and CTO of Pozyx, discussing the impact of 5G and other...

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53. Fixed Wireless Access with Samsung’s TJ Maan

In this 5G Guys podcast episode, Wayne and Dan welcome TJ Mann from Samsung to discuss Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). TJ explains what FWA is and its benefits over...

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52. Season 4 Premier – Does 5G stink, cellular for the holidays, what’s with Xfinity’s 10G?!

In this season 4 premier of the 5G Guys Podcast, hosts Dan McVaugh and Wayne Smith review the state of 5G technology and industry updates leading up to the...

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51. Season 3 Wrap Up

That’s a wrap!  Wayne and Dan wrap up season 3 of the podcast by doing a fantasy football-style draft of their favorite season 3 episodes.  This countdown of favorite...

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50. 2023 Mid-year Update

Now that we’re right in the middle of 2023, it’s a great time to look at how our pre-2023 predictions are holding up as well as what big events...

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49. The Cable vs Cellular Service Soap Opera

What can best be described as an “incestuous, co-dependent, and competitive” relationship, major US cellular and cable service providers have found themselves in an interesting competitive yet partnering dance....

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