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46. 5G To 6G?: Ignacio Contreras with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Ever wondered about the powerhouse behind wireless technology and how 5G chipsets are being developed? In this episode of the 5G Guys Podcast, hosts Wayne Smith and Dan McVaugh...

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45. AT&T’s Robot Dogs and Drone Cell Sites with Art Pregler

Welcome back to the 5G Guys! Today we’re going to talk about some pretty cool technology that AT&T has been working on. You might be familiar with AT&T as...

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44. Nationwide Broadband for First Responders with FirstNet CTO Jeff Bratcher

Hey there, 5G Guys Podcast listeners! Today, we're diving into the world of emergency response and the revolutionary technology that's making it all possible: FirstNet. FirstNet is the first-ever...

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43. A Glimpse into the future of 6G with Doug Kirkpatrick of Eridan

Will we be rebranding soon to the 6G Guys? Our guest today may have the answer! We had the pleasure of hosting Doug Kirkpatrick, CEO and co-founder of Eridan,...

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42. The Life Cycle of a Cell Site: Maintenance and Modification – Part Three

Welcome back to our series on Lifecycle of a Cell Site! Today we are focusing on the Modifications and Maintenance phase of the network. As the 5G guys, we...

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41. The Life Cycle of a Cell Site: The Construction Phase – Part Two

Hey there 5G enthusiasts! It's time for another episode of the 5G guys podcast, where we dive deep into the world of 5G and all things related. Today, we...

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