59. Saving Telco from Itself with Peter Bernard

This episode of the 5G Guys podcast tackles the existential challenges facing the telecommunications industry, emphasizing how sometimes, telcos are their own biggest adversaries due to their inherently conservative nature. Hosts Dan McVaugh and Wayne Smith welcome repeat guest Pete Bernard to discuss his new venture, Edgecelsior, and explore how the telco industry can evolve amidst the rapid technological changes spurred by new technologies like AI, 5G, and edge computing. Bernard shares insights from his career, the strategic pivot towards Edge and IoT technologies at Microsoft, and his decision to start Edgecelsior, focusing on industry analytics, content publishing, and strategic work for other companies. The talk delves into the series ‘Saving Telco from Itself,’ identifying key areas for the industry to address: adopting a solutions mindset, investing in software, embracing edge computing, following the gravity of open architectures, and dialing down the ‘Futurama’. The conversation also touches upon challenges such as regulatory environments, talent migration to technology sectors, and the need for telcos to innovate within a regulatory framework to avoid becoming ‘dumb pipes.’ Bernard argues for telcos to find their lane either as smart pipe providers or solution providers, underscoring the necessity for strategic reorientation to remain competitive.




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Episode Minute-by-Minute


00:00 Trailer

00:28 Introducing the 5G Guys Podcast

01:25 Catching Up with Pete Bernard: From Microsoft to Edgecelsior

02:21 Pete Bernard’s Journey and the Birth of Edgecelsior

04:55 The Hot Topic: Saving Telco From Itself

05:30 Exploring the Existential Crisis in Telco

07:52 Five Ways to Save Telco From Itself

11:49 The Challenge of Legacy Infrastructure in Telco

14:48 Open Architecture and Regulatory Challenges

17:11 Innovation Within a Regulatory Framework

18:09 AI Revolution in Customer Support

18:36 The Regulatory Landscape: US vs Europe

18:54 Telcos’ Strategic Crossroads: Smart Pipe vs Solution Provider

20:21 The Challenge of Becoming a Cloud Provider

21:35 The Importance of Sales Alignment and Market Strategy

25:46 The Shift Towards AI and Job Reductions

27:50 The Edge Computing Opportunity

30:01 Talent Migration and the Future of Telcos

32:51 Innovating with Edge Data Centers and AI Workloads

34:54 Final Thoughts and Predictions

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