56. Exploring Private Wireless Networks with Jeff Hipchen

In this episode of the 5G Guys podcast, hosts Dan McVaugh and Wayne Smith explore private wireless networks with guest Jeff Hipchen, a Principal of RF Connect. They discuss how private wireless networks are utilized differently, giving examples in healthcare, professional sports, and higher education sectors. Hipchen emphasizes that private networks allow businesses to control their destiny as they allow the customization and security not offered by public networks. He also highlights how these networks supplement existing services like Wi-Fi and address capacity issues caused by the ever-growing number of devices and applications in use. Lastly, he touches on the potential for even smaller enterprises to improve connectivity.



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Episode Minute-by-Minute


00:00 Introduction

00:29 Welcome to the 5G Guys Podcast

01:07 Introducing the Guest: Jeff Hipchen

01:56 The History of RF Connect

03:10 The Evolution of Wireless Networks

10:03 The Shift to Private Networks

11:03 The Benefits of CBRS for Private Networks

13:04 Sponsor Break: Vertex Innovations

13:32 Public Carriers’ View on Private Networks

16:00 Examples of Private Network Deployments

21:48 The Role of 4G and 5G in Private Networks

24:14 The Coexistence of Wi-Fi, Public Cellular, and Private Networks

29:36 The Future of Small Venue Solutions

29:43 The Potential of Moken for Private Networks

31:48 Conclusion and Contact Information

32:26 Outro

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