58. Building Cell Sites Can Be a Win-Win

Building cell sites can be a win-win for cellular carriers and the landlords who lease the property for the site.  In this episode of ‘The 5G Guys’ podcast, hosts Dan McVaugh and Wayne Smith discuss the rapidly changing landscape of telecommunications infrastructure and 5G technology with guest Hugh Odom, the founder of Vertical Consultants. The discussion plunges into the transformation of carrier models for property owners, the influence of municipalities and private networks, and the necessity of regulation. Important subjects touched upon include the carriers versus tower companies’ different business models, the introduction of small cells in the public right of way, and the realization of telecommunication services as the fourth utility. In the backdrop, Hugh Odom offers educated insights on the future of how business gets done between cellular carriers and tower companies and the building and landowners they do business with to procure leases for building their infrastructure.  Hugh shares his perspective on the need to shift the cell site leasing model to be more considerate of the needs and rights of the property owners who are leasing to the cellular carriers.  Join us in a great point-counterpoint discussion with Hugh about how business relationships can evolve and offer scenarios where all parties win.


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Episode Minute-by-Minute

00:00 Trailer

00:28 Welcome to the 5G Guys Podcast

00:49 Introducing the Hosts and the Show

01:25 Guest Introduction: Hugh Odom

02:23 Hugh’s Work with Vertical Consultants

03:30 History of Infrastructure Development

03:49 Changes in the Telecom Industry

04:31 The Evolution of Wireless Deals

05:00 The Impact of Infrastructure Build Out

05:19 The Challenges of Municipalities

07:13 The Changing Economics of Property Ownership

07:34 The Role of Vertical Consultants

08:44 The Shift in Lease Agreements

15:55 The Future of Municipal Networks

21:54 The Impact of Public-Private Partnerships

23:48 The Digital Divide and the Fourth Utility

25:04 The Potential for Regulation in the Telecom Industry

28:09 The Future of Network Deployment

29:58 Closing Thoughts and Reflections

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