60. Storytelling and Predictions – Premier, Wireless Economy

Navigating the Waves of Telecom: From CapEx Booms to Strategic Spending


The 5G Guys podcast hosts, Dan McVaugh and Wayne Smith, introduce a new series titled ‘Storytelling and Predictions,’ aimed at sharing their extensive experience and insights into the telecommunications industry without overshadowing their guests. They dive into the impact of 5G on capital expenditure, noting a significant increase in spending to roll out 5G networks, which is now adjusting back to normal levels. The discussion transitions into the differences between CapEx and OpEx spending, emphasizing the shift towards maintenance and optimization of networks post-major rollouts. The hosts reflect on past downturns in the telecom industry, comparing them to the current market dynamics and predicting future trends, such as vendor consolidation and the strategic deployment of mid-band spectrum for 5G. The episode highlights the unique position of the telecom industry amidst economic fluctuations and the evolving landscape of network development.



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Episode Minute-by-Minute


00:00 Preview

00:59 Introducing the 5G Guys Podcast

01:30 Launching the Storytelling and Predictions Series

01:45 Why Storytelling Matters in Tech

02:21 Drawing from Decades of Telecom Experience

03:17 The Unique Format of the New Series

03:44 A Timely Tale: Navigating Downturns in Telecom

04:19 Firsthand Experiences with Industry Downturns

05:15 The Impact of Economic Events on Telecom

07:39 Understanding CapEx vs. OpEx in Telecom

11:29 Predicting the Future of Telecom and Vendor Dynamics

14:22 Government Funding and Its Impact on Telecom

15:12 Dan’s Predictions for the Telecom Industry

17:35 Closing Remarks and Invitation to Connect

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