63. Net Neutrality with Nathan Leamer

The Evolution and Impact of Net Neutrality with Nathan Leamer


In this episode of The 5G Guys, hosts Wayne Smith and Dan McVaugh discuss net neutrality with guest Nathan Leamer, former policy advisor to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, and current CEO of Fixed Gear Strategies. They explore net neutrality’s origins, implications, and future, including its initial introduction, the political debates surrounding it, and its potential effects on innovation and consumer access. Nathan shares insights from his diverse career in tech policy, from Capitol Hill to founding his consulting firm, and highlights ongoing issues like digital discrimination and the digital divide. Tune in for an in-depth discussion on how regulatory policies shape the internet landscape and what that means for consumers and innovation.




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Episode Minute-by-Minute

00:00 Preview

01:30 Introduction and Welcome

02:11 Guest Introduction: Nathan Leamer

02:54 Nathan’s Background and Career Journey

05:25 Defining Net Neutrality

05:38 Historical Context of Net Neutrality

09:21 Net Neutrality and Consumer Impact

09:53 Technological Advancements and Net Neutrality

10:59 Restoring Internet Freedom Order

11:45 Global Perspectives on Internet Regulation

13:03 Current Debates and Legal Frameworks

17:51 Potential Impacts on Network Management

19:29 AI and Network Management

22:03 Digital Discrimination and DEI

23:39 Future of Net Neutrality

26:43 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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