65. Storytelling & Predictions – Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Insights: Consequences & Predictions with Dan McVaugh


In this episode of 5G Guys, Dan McVaugh revisits the topic of net neutrality. Dan shares personal stories from his telecom career, highlighting potential unintended consequences if the FCC reinstates net neutrality by classifying telecom providers under Title II of the Communications Act. He explores the impacts on network performance, advanced 5G features, and critical services like FirstNet for first responders, ending with cautious predictions on the future judicial outcomes and their implications.




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Episode Minute-by-Minute

00:00 Introduction to Net Neutrality Discussion

00:46 Understanding Net Neutrality

01:34 Real-World Experiences and Stories

04:59 Potential Consequences of Net Neutrality

06:13 Current Status and Predictions

07:59 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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