53. Fixed Wireless Access with Samsung’s TJ Maan

In this 5G Guys podcast episode, Wayne and Dan discuss Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) with TJ Maan from Samsung. TJ explains what FWA is and its benefits over traditional wireline broadband delivery technologies, noting its speed, reliability, and usefulness in areas where DSL or fiber may face logistical issues. TJ also discusses how FWA has evolved over time, particularly with the rise of 5G and the involvement of tier-one operators such as Verizon and T-Mobile. They also discuss the possible role of regional operators in providing FWA and how FWA can help bridge the digital divide, especially with government funding initiatives. TJ also explains how Samsung participates in the FWA market and dives into the technological aspects that have allowed FWA to become more competitive and reliable.


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Episode Minute-by-Minute

00:00 Sneak Peek

00:59 Introduction to the 5G Guys Podcast

01:28 Welcome

01:39 Guest Introduction: TJ Maan from Samsung

02:11 Understanding Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

03:26 The Evolution of Fixed Wireless Access

06:30 The Role of Samsung in the FWA Market

08:18 Understanding MIMO Technology

10:17 The Impact of Technological Advances on FWA

15:20 The Role of Regional Operators in FWA

17:59 Bridging the Digital Divide with FWA

21:56 Comparing FWA with Satellite Internet

26:12 Future Developments in FWA

27:27 Conclusion and Contact Information

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