Fixed Wireless Access

53. Fixed Wireless Access with Samsung’s TJ Maan

In this 5G Guys podcast episode, Wayne and Dan welcome TJ Mann from Samsung to discuss Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). TJ explains what FWA is and its benefits over traditional wireline broadband delivery technologies, noting its speed, reliability, and…

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Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) 101

In this blog post, we will explore the concept of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and its importance in providing high-speed internet access to homes. We will dive into the topic with insights from Samsung’s TJ Mann, an expert in wireless networking.

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49. The Cable vs Cellular Service Soap Opera

What can best be described as an “incestuous, co-dependent, and competitive” relationship, major US cellular and cable service providers have found themselves in an interesting competitive yet partnering dance. On one hand, cable companies offer…

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