54 – What Do Tomatoes, Forklifts, and Cows Have In Common?

5G and Advanced Positioning Technologies: Revolutionizing Location-based Services

The podcast episode features Samuel Van de Velde, founder and CTO of Pozyx, discussing the impact of 5G and advanced positioning technologies on location-based services. Samuel highlights how 5G integrates positioning capabilities into its standard, enabling increased application in areas such as indoor asset tracking and industrial IoT. The discourse uncovers use cases in agriculture, like tracking cow behavior to enhance farming practices using ultra-wideband technology, and discusses the future of location technology in manufacturing and distribution sectors. Samuel emphasizes the importance of application-centric approaches in leveraging the value of location data. The episode also sheds light on the evolution of location and positioning in cellular networks from older generations to the present 5G.


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Episode Minute-by-Minute

00:00 Sneak Peak

00:29 Introduction

00:58 Welcome to the 5G Guys Show

01:13 Introducing the Guest: Samuel Van de Velde

01:37 The Evolution of Location and Positioning in Cellular Networks

05:20 The Role of 5G in Enabling Better Location-Based Services

07:59 The Impact of 5G on Indoor and Outdoor Asset Tracking

10:01 The Future of 5G and Location-Based Services

16:11 Understanding Ultra Wideband Technology

17:51 Sponsor Break: Vertex Innovations

18:20 Exploring Indoor Applications of 5G

18:41 Case Study: Tracking Cows in Agriculture

21:39 The Convergence of Advanced Technologies

23:58 Case Study: Warehouse Automation

26:46 Case Study: Fresh Produce

27:38 The Role of Location Data in Global Supply Chain

30:15 Improving Productivity in Manufacturing and Distribution

31:16 Conclusion and Contact Information

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