55. Exploring CES Highlights, AI, and 5G with Jim Patterson

In this episode of 5G Guys, hosts Wayne Smith and Dan McVaugh are Exploring CES Highlights, AI, and 5G with Jim Patterson, a veteran in the telecom industry with 30 years of experience. Patterson shares insights from the Las Vegas annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Major topics discussed include the minimal mention of 5G at CES, the integration and applications of AI in consumer electronics, and the potential of Wi-Fi advancements challenging licensed spectrums. They also explore wireless tech’s evolution and possible future and touch upon data privacy issues, AI monetization, and potential carrier strategies.


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Episode Minute-by-Minute

0:00 55 – CES Review with Jim Patterson

00:01 Sneak Peak

01:30 Introduction and Welcome

01:41 Announcement of Weekly Newsletter

02:16 Introduction of Guest – Jim Patterson

03:25 Jim’s Experience at the Consumer Electronics Show

06:51 Discussion on AI and its Impact

09:16 AI’s Role in Consumer Electronics

11:36 AI and Data Privacy

12:13 The Future of AI and Consumer Electronics

17:15 The Role of 5G in Consumer Electronics

17:35 The Absence of 5G at CES

19:49 The Impact of 5G on Carriers

21:05 The Future of 5G and Consumer Electronics

25:14 The Role of Carriers in the Development of Apps

28:02 Closing Remarks and Future Discussions

28:49 Contact Information and Conclusion

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