Intimidating Musings by Techies

Intimidating musings by techies seems to be the norm for technology references. It’s time to drop the unfriendly teachings on technology and speak in plain language.

As longtime veterans of the wireless telecommunications industry, we’ve observed time after time how intimidating and confusing our industry can be for newcomers. Everyone is constantly using acronyms in conversations or whitepapers. New technologies are already complicated enough. Add to this that wireless technology is often and inexact science that wireless can be, and before you know it discussions turn into a concert of undecipherable jargon that makes you more confused and less educated.

Wireless telecommunications insiders are regularly giving expert opinions, often times directly conflicting with others’ expert opinions. Who’s right? The reality is everyone is usually wrong to at least some degree. We’ve always said that wireless telecommunications engineering is the science of minimizing how wrong you are. So then how is one who is trying to learn about technology in wireless supposed to know what’s right and what’s wrong?

We’re Here for You

That’s why we started 5G Guys. No Intimidating musings by techies here. Our podcast and other resources are intended to cover difficult to understand technologies and concepts using unintimidating language free from acronyms. We’ve got resources for you to easily look up and understand when we do happen to use acronyms . We regularly connect with experts throughout the industry and discuss topics in an open style inviting of differing opinions and possibilities. We also engage with our audience to solicit feedback and ideas. Did we say something wrong or present two different ideas that conflict? Tell us. We always respond and follow up. We live by the motto that we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.

We’re hear to learn together with you, so join us. Subscribe to our podcast. Check out our blog posts. Ask us questions and give us feedback.

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