15. Is Big Brother Watching? The Truth About Tracking and Data Laws In 2021

Are the government or big tech spying on us through our cell phones?  This is a theme that might sound like a conspiracy theory, but there’s some technical legitimacy to the concept, kind of.

Welcome back to another episode of the 5G Guys! Today we take a look into the location tracking, gps, phone cloning, wiretapping, and more to help shed some light on the capabilities our technology has in today’s day and age. You’ll learn the history behind phone location, GPS, and how we were able to find a location with a device as far back as the mid-nineties. 

Join us as we discuss the laws that protect U.S. citizens from their privacy being breached, and touch briefly on how things may go to protect citizens in the future. We talk about the different ways that location can be used to pinging between cell towers or using the navigation app on your smartphone. You’ll learn our best tips on how to stop your location from being shared and how you can be aware when apps ask for you location. 

We hope this episode has cleared up some questions, if you would like to ask more questions please feel free to comment or contact us from the links below! 

More Of What’s Inside:

  • The legitimacy of our phones tracking us
  • An epidemic of “phone cloning”
  • Tracking down through cell towers
  • How the history for phone location came about
  • Where GPS started
  • Knowing how your GPS is being used
  • The different uses for GPS
  • How the fourth amendment protects U.S. citizens 
  • What your data may look like to companies
  • Turning your smartphone into a dumbphone
  • And much more!



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:55 – What we cover today
  • 2:21 – The technical history of our phone’s location
  • 6:43 – GPS for civilians
  • 11:15 – The difference between data and location
  • 16:07 – Allowing your data to be tracked
  • 21:07 – Staying away from things that unknowingly track your data
  • 26:55 – Closing thoughts

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