27. In-flight Cellular with Fred Teichman of GoGo Wireless

Ever want to know how 5G works with business aviation?  Back in the day, air travel looked a lot different than it does today. People would dress to the nines, the isles were wider and the seating was roomier, the finest food would be brought to your seat even if you weren’t first-class and so much more. There truly was a higher standard for what made a flight a great experience. Fast forward to today, if you were to ask most modern travelers what makes a great flight, a majority would say that as long as there is no turbulence and they have enough WiFi to go around for everyone they are happy. 

On the surface, it may appear that less passion and effort goes into making air travel better for the consumer, but when you take a peek behind the curtain, you will find amazing people and companies working hard to stay at the cutting edge of innovation and working around the clock to keep everyone connected, even in the sky. On today’s episode we want to introduce you to one of those amazing people.

Welcome back to another 5G Guys podcast! Join the conversation as we interview Senior Network Deployment Engineer, Fred Teichman. Fred has an incredible background in the Telecommunication industry with over 30-years of experience including things like being on the ground floor of microwave technology for long-distance telephones, worked in public safety with critical backhaul systems, worked on multiple technologies generations for cellular including 5G, Fred was an active tower climber for nine years and grew to senior levels of management with a full responsibility for profit and loss for many general contractors and so much more! All his experience led him to what he is doing now which is helping GoGo Wireless deploy their 5G network for business aviation nationwide.

Hit play to hear how Fred Teichman and GoGo Wireless are bringing the internet to the sky so planes fly smarter, airlines perform better and passengers travel happier. If you have ever wondered how WiFi on a plane really works, this episode is for you! Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear Fred explain the technology behind in-flight WiFi and how it all connects on the ground.

You’ll also hear how the “work from anywhere” economy and the need to be more connected in the post-pandemic world has accelerated the industry and how even the busiest of professionals can stay on top of work from anywhere thanks to GoGo’s proprietary system. From 5G to satellite internet, GoGo’s goal is to transform the private aviation experience and enable executive travelers to take their work, life, and play with them, worldwide

Thanks again for listening and supporting our show. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! 


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More Of What’s Inside:

  • How the past 30 years have been leading up to this technology
  • What GoGo is doing to deliver true 5G speeds 
  • The cool reason why GoGo uses less towers
  • Insight on the frequency bands based on elevation
  • Dan’s personal experience with the GoGo network
  • A rundown of how in-flight WiFi Works 
  • How to use GoGo on your next flight
  • How Fred has seen the industry change
  • Why the Business Aviation industry is booming
  • And Much More!

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Video of site build: https://business.gogoair.com/videos/gogo-5g-antenna-tower-installation

5G buildout status: https://business.gogoair.com/infographics/2022/gogo-5g-network-deployment

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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 Thank you to today’s sponsors
  • 1:13 Get to know Fred Teichman
  • 3:15 How on-flight WiFi works 
  • 7:48 How GoGo creates the perfect WiFi experience for travelers
  • 10:14 What GoGo’s legacy network looked like prior to 5G
  • 11:41 Topography and finding the best cell sites
  • 14:01 What makes GoGo different from competitor
  • 18:49 How the pandemic helped the 5G space evolve
  • 22:33 Funny fact about GoGo’s antennas
  • 24:27 How fiber technology still applies in 2022
  • 25:31 How to see live footage of GoGo’s construction

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