32. How Fiber Networks are Leveraged To Run 4G and 5G with Brian Daniels with Zayo

It’s a fact, fiber keeps things running smoothly…no, not that kind of fiber.

Today we are talking about fiber networks! 4G and 5G connection and technology are heavily dependent on fiber networks.  Wireless services can’t deliver blazing speeds and responsiveness without the larger network interconnection provided by fiber service to cell sites.

Plus with the need for faster speeds and more demand for connectivity with every passing day, now more than ever, different companies and various forms of technology are being leveraged to work together like never before. 

On today’s episode, we sat down with Brian Daniels from Zayo, the managing director of strategic Sales where he leads a team of their experts focused on fiber services. This is no small task! After Zayo opened in 2007, they acquired 40+ other fiber companies and now have a network that is being used as a foundation for technology deployments all over the US. 

The largest and most innovative companies rely on  fiber infrastructure, high-speed, dedicated wavelength connectivity, and colocation at the network edge. These networks have Global and low latency networks, eRate, and mobile infrastructure, which includes the foundation for 5G. 

Hit play to hear how Brian oversees strategy, operations, product development, implementation, and real estate options for the company! This fascinating conversation will give you a unique perspective on how the world of Fiber and 5G come together and where the biggest room for growth is in the industry. 

You’ll also hear Brian’s predictions for the future of this technology, how you can start capitalizing on a faster network, the turnkey limitations (including RF design) and so much more! 


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More Of What’s Inside:

  • Why wireless still needs wires
  • How Zayo is helping advance 5G connection 
  • The nuances of fiber connectivity 
  • The high demand in the fiber industry 
  • How Zayo is powerfully positioned in the market 
  • Where VR and live sports start to merge 
  • How Zayo places an important role in modern connection 
  • And so much more! 

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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 Thank you to today’s sponsors
  • 0:56 Get to know Brain
  • 2:12 What is Zayo and why the company matters
  • 4:00 Zayo’s role in 5G development and roll-out
  • 9:50 How cellular has started and how it’s changed 
  • 15:43 The importance of different companies working together 
  • 21:41 How Zayo has been affected by supply chains 
  • 23:41 What’s really possible with 5G 
  • 31:00 The rural broadband initiative

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