43. A Glimpse into the future of 6G with Doug Kirkpatrick of Eridan

Will we be rebranding soon to the 6G Guys? Our guest today may have the answer!

We had the pleasure of hosting Doug Kirkpatrick, CEO and co-founder of Eridan, who shared fascinating insights about their game-changing technology, Miracle RFFE (Radio Frequency Front-End). This groundbreaking innovation aims to transform wireless radio technology and could potentially lay the foundation for the next generation of wireless networks.

Miracle RFFE brings a plethora of improvements to the table. With this technology, radio transmitters could use 7-8 times less power, be 3x smaller and lighter, and increase spectrum utilization by an impressive 10 fold. These advancements could lead to longer battery life for devices, faster and more reliable connections, and impact a wide range of applications, from smartphones and IoT devices to autonomous vehicles and satellite communications.

During our podcast, Kirkpatrick elaborated on the potential implications of Miracle RFFE for the future of wireless networks, including the much-anticipated 6G. As we’re still in the early stages of 5G deployment, it’s exciting to imagine what the future could hold with groundbreaking advancements like Eridan’s Miracle RFFE. Could this be the stepping stone to even faster internet speeds, improved global connectivity, and more energy-efficient devices?

Eridan’s Miracle RFFE technology has the potential to fundamentally change the landscape of wireless radio technology. With reduced power consumption, smaller and lighter components, and significantly increased spectrum utilization, we might be witnessing the beginning of a new era in wireless communication

So, will we, the 5G Guys, need to rebrand as the 6G Guys? Only time will tell! But one thing is for sure: the future of wireless technology is looking brighter than ever, and we can’t wait to see how these innovations continue to shape our world. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the realm of technology! Let us know what you think happens next in the industry, reach out to us via the links below!

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0:034 Thank you to today’s sponsors

1:13 Get to know Doug Kirkpatrick

2:59 Peanut butter cups and Eridan

8:13 The highway analogy about generations and spectrum and how it ties to what Douglas is doing

14:29 The impact of radio at full power without additional levels of amplifiers

22:36 Are we looking at the same kind of security concerns from hardware radio to software radio?

25:17 The pathway to scale for this new technology

29:14 Will we see Eridan’s brand as an OEM at a cell?

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