51. Season 3 Wrap Up

That’s a wrap!  Wayne and Dan wrap up season 3 of the podcast by doing a fantasy football-style draft of their favorite season 3 episodes.  This countdown of favorite episodes is a great way to get a summary of some of the best episodes from this past season you should tune into in the event you missed anything.

The episode concludes with an update on current events in the telecom industry.  Dan and Wayne touch base on everything from the status of the industry’s economy to announcements from some of the biggest consumer brands in the US like Amazon.

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Episode Minute By Minute:

0:00       sneak peek

1:27       Introduction

 3:00       Favorite episode fantasy draft

3:45        Wayne’s #1 episode

4:54         Dan’s #1 episode

6:49        Wayne’s #2 episode

8:50         Dan’s #2 episode

11:05        Wayne’s #3 episode

11:56         Dan’s #3 episode

14:50        Industry ppdate

15:28        Economic status of the cellular industry

19:50        Private enterprise spending on private networks

21:00       Moving on from 5G moratoriums

22:07       Status of 5G and airline claims of interference to ground radar systems

24:00        Wayne’s experience with Starlink

25:22       Billions of $ hitting the street for bridging the digital divide

26:15       Amazon’s big announcement

26:42      How’s Dish’s network?

27:58      The importance of taking care of your customers

30:17       Wrap  up

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