52. Season 4 Premier – Does 5G stink, cellular for the holidays, what’s with Xfinity’s 10G?!

In this season 4 premier of the 5G Guys Podcast, hosts Dan McVaugh and Wayne Smith review the state of 5G technology and industry updates leading up to the year 2024. They explore 5G’s progression in the US, discussing the coverage expansion by carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. They also talk about the influence of fixed wireless broadband on the market and ponder on the potential emerging trends regarding the collaboration between wireless and cable companies. The hosts also delve into the issues surrounding 5G coverage and the dilemmas with deploying new technology. They hint at upcoming guest appearances, the move to video podcasting, and end with holiday season anticipation for the telecom industry.

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Episode Minute-by-Minute: 

00:00 Preview

00:57 Introduction

01:26 Welcome

02:04 5G Progress

03:59 2023 Industry Economy

05:24 Fixed Wireless Access

06:34 Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

08:05 Dish Wireless Update

09:28 5G Disappointment by Consumers

12:15 Carriers’ Real Motivation for Deploying 5G

14:41 Private Network Progress Update

17:10 The Challenges of Doing Work for the Carriers

19:17 Is 5G Performing Worse Than 4G?

22:21 Cable Broadband Update

25:32 Cellular and Cable Mergers on the Horizon?

26:09 Google & Apple Want the Network to Not Matter

27:46 Will T-Mobile Offer “Try Before Buy”?

28:15 What’s with Xfinity’s “10G”?

31:05 5G Guys Full Video on YouTube

31:39 Anything Big In Store for Consumers This Holiday Season?

32:54 Wrap Up

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