35. Plum Cases to the Rescue

In 2022 when you read the news or hear about the latest technological innovations, it can start to seem like we can’t go any higher as a human race…

However, when we study history and look back at the greatest moments of breakthroughs and inventions that changed the world, we’ll notice one profound thing. Humans always find a way to reach higher, dream bigger, and solve problems faster and more efficiently than the previous generations.

5G and the quest to keep the world more connected in a digital world is no different. Today on the show we interviewed someone who proves this idea and shares how new and creative solutions are coming into the marketplace you may have never seen before.

Welcome back to the 5G Guys! Hit play to meet Marty Moran, the owner of Plum Laboratories. During our conversation, you’ll hear all about their innovative solutions called Plum Cases. These compact suitcase-contained devices help extend cellular service to uncovered areas.

These powerful little cases have the power to turn even the most rural of places into a connectivity hub with cellular, wifi, and even IP calls. It doesn’t take long to connect the dots and start to see the bigger picture about why this technology could have a lot of important applications.

When disaster strikes such as a hurricane, first responders, disaster management, and other critical members of disaster relief efforts all need cellular signals. Even the smallest boost of signal could be what dictates a moment of life and death.

That’s not including the countless individuals who need to connect with their friends and loved ones in such a scenario. The use case for the Plum Case doesn’t stop there, you’ll also hear how they are adding value and solving problems for the HealthCare industry, increasing continuity for businesses and so much more! We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.

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More Of What’s Inside:

  • What is the Plum Case?
  • What makes the Plum Case different from other routers
  • Where customers are finding the most traction
  • How long does the power last in the field?
  • What’s on the horizon for 5G
  • How carriers are using Plum Technology
  • A look into the FirstNet network
  • How the Plum Case is being used around the world
  • And so much more! 

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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 1:12 The history of Plum Laboratories
  • 4:17 What makes Plum different
  • 7:11 Who Plum serves with their products
  • 10:48  How Plum helps with disaster relief 
  • 12:50 The business continuity side of Plum
  • 14:11 A look into the Plum case
  • 18:07 How Verizon is helping the Plum technology
  •  21:58 Who Plum Laboratories works with
  • 24:22 What changed in the industry after 9-11

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