12. Cell Sites, 5G, and Radiation: What You Need To Know

Disclaimer: This episode of 5G Guys was recorded with the sole purpose to educate and inform. The opinions and thoughts are not licensed, doctors and nothing in the show should be deemed as medical advice. If you have any specific questions regarding…

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1. Start here: Meet Dan and Wayne, your tech guides!

Hey, we’re the 5G guys. Discover what makes us great resources for your journey into all things wireless tech with this quick introductory episode. Not only will you learn about who Dan and Wayne are but how our podcast is shaping up to be your go-to…

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Acronym Decoder Ring

Ever feel like you need an acronym decoder ring to decipher something someone just said? We’ve got you covered. 5G Guys Podcast, blog posts, and other resources are intended to be friendly. As such, we always strive to avoid the use of acronyms. But in the event we drop an acronym or two, no worries….

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