38. 2022 Year In Review with the 5G Guys

2022, where do we even start? If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you know that this episode is a yearly tradition for us. We look forward to recapping the year from our perspective and share the biggest industry highlights you need to know. 

From delays in the 5G rollout, to more people needing connectivity than ever before, economic instability, and everything in between, 2022 was a doozy for certain sectors of the industry. But don’t get us wrong, there were more highlights than low points last year. The telecom industry is stronger than ever and we can all agree that huge strides have been made this year for 5G and advancing technology as a whole. 

Hit play to hear our full  2022 Year In Review, or keep reading for a sneak peek!  T-Mobile emerged as a clear leader in the 5G industry, covering 260 million people with its 5G network. During the show, we will share why we think this success can be attributed to the delays that Verizon and AT&T faced at the start of 2022 and T-Mobile’s strategic acquisition of Sprint in 2020. 

You’ll also hear us discuss the industry shifting towards fixed wireless access (FWA), why cable companies are scrambling to keep up, how T-Mobile has surpassed Verizon to become the most valuable telecom company in the world, and so much more. 

As we have covered in past episodes, we have seen a few delays with 5G. However, this technology is still serving more and more people every day. Hit play to hear us discuss the infrastructure broadband bill that recently passed and how federal funding is being allocated to bridge the digital divide.

The future looks bright for the 5G industry! Be sure to join for the next episode to year our thoughts on where we think the industry will go in 2023 and all of our short and long-term predictions. Hit subscribe or follow wherever you’re listening to be the first to hear it when it comes out! 

More Of What’s Inside:

  • 5G was the big push in 2022, 
  • Saying Goodbye to 3G
  • T-Mobile is leading the way in all things mobile
  • How T-Mobile became the World’s largest provider
  • The acquisition of Sprint in 2020
  • A few episodes coming soon in 2023
  • Cable companies vs the wireless companies 
  • The new FAA regulations for airlines and 5G timeline 
  • Why use cases for 5G won’t be obvious to the everyday consumer
  • Supply chain issues and the impact on 2022 deployment 
  • Thanks for listening to the 5G Guys in 2022 and beyond! 
  • How 5G is connecting rural parts of the United States 
  • How StarLink is providing value to the industry 
  • And so much more! 

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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:56 Our annual year-end review! 
  • 1:45 Wayne’s highlights for 2022
  • 2:23 A recap of 2022 and 5G
  • 3:12 How T-Mobile  won the market in 2022
  • 5:01 An update on the Aviation Industry delays 
  • 6:32 Big stock market changes in 2022
  • 7:50 The Fixed Wireless side of the business 
  • 10:55 Why it was a big year for StarLink
  • 14:38 Why Verizon is still voted best in the industry 
  • 18:01 How 5G will fly under the radar of most consumers
  • 21:37 A look into 2023 and what’s coming 
  • 25:45 How final thoughts on 2022

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