Podcast: How It Works

3. Explaining the “G’s” – 1G – 5G

Dr. Patrick Perini joins us to discuss the history and differences of the different generations of cellular technology in the US. Starting with the first generation (1G) in the 80s and early 90s and progressing all the way to the newest generation…

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2. Cellular 101

Hear how cellular networks work, including a history of cellular, commonly asked questions, and examples of what a cell site even is. LINKS: Connect with Us: Website: Submit Your Ideas or Feedback: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter:   QUICK…

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1. Start here: Meet Dan and Wayne, your tech guides!

Hey, we’re the 5G guys. Discover what makes us great resources for your journey into all things wireless tech with this quick introductory episode. Not only will you learn about who Dan and Wayne are but how our podcast is shaping up to be your go-to…

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