19. What We’ve Learned: A Review Of Our Year

Technology is important because it creates the future. We’re able to be a part of the “next” and create things that don’t exist.  – MC Hammer

Welcome back to 5G Guys! It’s hard to believe that 2021 is almost over, it feels like so much has happened in such a short time. Before we get lost in the holidays and excitement of the new year we thought it would be a good idea to look at the past episodes and guests we’ve had on this show. If you’re new to the 5G Guys podcast, this is a great place to hear what all we’ve learned this year. 

Listen in as we talk about the incredible conversations we’ve had with some of the leading minds in the industry today. From understanding the basics of the “G’s” to AI, edge computing, and the paths it opens, we have learned just how impactful wireless technology has been for the growth of our society today. The innovations we see are possible because of the brilliant minds that created a foundation to go off. We talk about wireless charging that started with Nikola Tesla, how Marty Cooper changed the world as the father of the cellphone, and even the history of cellular in our first episode “cellular 101”. 

Join us as we think back on the conversations we’ve had throughout the year, and the incredible ways that wireless is being used to help with everyday needs. Imagine traveling with no spotty service or being able to reach emergency services no matter where you are. With innovations like these, it’s safe to say that staying connected will be easier than ever before. Of course, with every new development comes the fear of privacy invasion, we go over the things we’ve learned as well as what is fact and what is fiction. We even talk about how technology impacts your mental health and how you can create a space that’s safe for your growing family. 

We have enjoyed being able to shed some light on this complex industry, and we hope that you have enjoyed learning along with us. To find the episodes we mentioned or to connect with us for questions and feedback, check out the links below! 

More Of What’s Inside:

  • Understanding the foundation of wireless technology
  • Simplifying concepts to help educate others 
  • Creating new principles around tech for your kids
  • Using phones as a tool for connection
  • How wireless and real estate can partner for a greener world
  • The fundamental need for wireless in our lives
  • Private network and their solution for security
  • How a contract with your kids can keep them safer online
  • Solving transportation issues with wireless tech
  • Taking a deeper look into private networks
  • How wireless charging could change your life
  • And Much More!

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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:56 – What we cover today!
  • 2:03 – The building blocks of the future
  • 5:52 – Technology and its ties to mental health
  • 8:47 – The need for wireless in real estate
  • 11:43 – Growing security threats and their solutions
  • 15:08 – A look into the past with the father of the cellphone
  • 18:08 – Bridging the gaps in areas with no service
  • 21:29 – The coming explosion of technology in the world
  • 23:48 – Tackling the “controversial” subjects of wireless tech
  • 27:49 – Finding the best commercial wireless network for you
  • 29:57 – Big Brother and the truth of tracking
  • 32:04 – The future of wireless charging
  • 34:22 – Wireless and its impact on first responders
  • 36:32 – Closing thoughts

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