Podcast: Business & Finance

A look inside the business & finance impacts of wireless technology.  Includes examples of how wireless can  improve  your business operations and profits and how can you monetize investments in wireless technologies.

Episodes will include history and education of how the existing wireless telecommunications industry works.  What drives their revenues and profits and how can you leverage that knowledge to your advantage when investing in wireless services.

We’ll also look at the concept of private wireless networks and use cases.  This growing focus for wireless technology is allowing business to no longer be captive to wireless service providers and own and operation their own technology to maximize the return on investment for their business.

39. Our 2023 Industry Predictions (5G, Ai, Telecom, Starlink and more!)

Let’s take a look into the future! We’re so excited to be back in the studio to talk and make our predictions for 2023. In this episode, we will look at not just the wireless and telecommunications industry but also other related industries that…

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38. 2022 Year In Review with the 5G Guys

2022, where do we even start? If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you know that this episode is a yearly tradition for us. We look forward to recapping the year from our perspective and share the biggest industry highlights you need to…

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34. Impacts of Inflation on 5G

Inflation is affecting everyone from the top down. Even the big tech companies who are in charge of rolling out 5G technology and new telecommunications infrastructure…but it begs the question: what’s the damage? Welcome back to another episode of…

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28. MVNO: Mobile Virtual Network Operators 101 – How Boost, Metro, and Other Alternative Carriers Work

Listen to this episode to get the skinny on what an MVNO is and what that means to you. We think it’s safe to say that Americans love their streaming and online entertainment. According to the average U.S. smartphone user now consumes a total of…

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26. How Cellular Carriers Make Money

It’s safe to say that the smartphone revolution has grown past a trend and moved into a modern necessity. A survey done in 2014 stated that 47% of adults believed they couldn’t last a day without their cellphone. With advancements in technology…

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21. Part 2: Our Predictions For 2022 and Other Topics to Watch Out For

Welcome back for another episode of the 5G Guys! If you’ve listened to us before you’ve heard us state that “wireless is the fourth utility”, and with 2021 coming to a close, that reality will be here sooner than you think. Join us in the…

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20. Part 1: Our Predictions For 2022 and Other Topics to Watch Out For

For a lot of us, 2021 was a reset period for our lives. Whether it was learning how to work remotely, helping the kids with remote school, or even just changing the way we traveled, the world began shifting to accommodate a more wireless society. The…

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1. Start here: Meet Dan and Wayne, your tech guides!

Hey, we’re the 5G guys. Discover what makes us great resources for your journey into all things wireless tech with this quick introductory episode. Not only will you learn about who Dan and Wayne are but how our podcast is shaping up to be your go-to…

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